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Hurry, Tuesday Child (Gentry Bobbie)

Hurry Tuesday child It's time to be a goin' Your good news day, child Has come at last Hold your chance in your dusty hand One way ticket to a promised land I understand No more blues day child Hard time is far behind you Hurry Tuesday child Your fortune's gonna find you Oh the good life is just ahead Satin shoes and a feather bed Instead of Yes ma'am, no sir, yes sir, right away sir No more week's done, may I have my pay, sir No more have to do, can't do, don't do Here's your chance to do anything you want to do Hurry Tuesday child Go on before it's too late Dream comes trues-day child Comes once and it won't wait Slip all you own in a paper sack Got nothing to hold you, got nothing to pack You won't be back Tuesday child