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Lookin' In (Gentry Bobbie)

Can't seem to settle down Maybe I'll just hang around But every time you pick me up I guess I take you down But here I am again You'll take me back and then It won't be long till I'll be gone Upon my way again So I spend my days thinkin' up new ways To do the same old thing Seasons come and go without a name And I spend my nights in the bright spotlights Wishin' I could let the people know Can't win or lose unless you play the game Sittin' in the airport, awaitin' on my plane Nothin' to do for an hour or two So I try to find a message in a picture I drew In the corner of a letter from a boy I knew Off the plane and through the rain into a limousine The traffic's slow so I miss my show But lookin' out the window somehow I know That they're about to play my record On the radio So I write another song as I go along To let you know just where I been Don't want to meet myself at the masquerade You can tell in the verse if I get worse By the chorus I may be fine A line, my friend, can end the kind charade Layin' in my hotel room, wantin' to be alone Needin' the time to rest my mind But they bring in another stack of papers to sign And L.A.'s awaitin' on the other line So I'm packin' up and I'm checking out I'm on the road again Feeling like I'm bringing pen to mind But the words will come to me in their own time Tumbling and stumbling over in rhyme And the ugliest word that I ever heard My friends, is sacrifice It's an easy out for all you should have been And if there's one thing That I just can't bring myself to compromise It's blamin' somebody else for the state I'm in Oh, but then again Daddy never loved his baby girl, no how Ah, what's the difference now