Clap it up (Audio Push)

[Hook:] Clap it up [x16] Hold on Back it up [x16] [Verse 1 - Oktane:] Alright clap it up for him girl Stop it, drop it, get it I'm Oktane baby and I run my city I started getting money and yeupp I'm getting bread still Clap it up, and back it up and run it like a treadmill You clap that and I'm a sit and throw hundreds Flow sick coughin' and my nose still runnin' I step up in the party and make yo girl drink fluid Nike sign on her booty so you know I had to do it And you ain't gotta like it, I know the world does And everything you hate about us yo girl love She came up in the party with her hands in the air Told yo girl who I was and yo girl said "Swear?" Said baby you right, yeah it's me, it's me If you gon' clap it up lemme see, lemme see And she said "Oktane I never did this before" I said "I heard that before now get on the dance floor" [Hook] [Verse 2 - Pricetag:] Look at Price Tag's, where they do that at Everywhere cause my pockets on Buddha fat Lil mama got it poppin like a gun addict The way you shakin', I'm a have to throw a one at it So clap it up baby girl I know you bout that You say you swaggin like me, well I doubt that I got it jumpin like a kangaroo pouch that I'm a pimp Gimme Gimme cheese baby mouse trap Yeah, yeah oh yeah it's on like the car key Feet up on these couches V.I.P that's where the stars be And the lames up in the back, I'm in front of them It's going down like Paris Hilton or one of them So what's poppin babygirl, yeah wassup boo If you lemme grab, lil Price gotta touch too Your like the song and the beat, beat bang Now back it up on me, beat beat that thang [Hook]