Space Jam (Audio Push)

[Hook:] Here's your chance, do your dance (Shake it!) (Drop) drop down and shake it [Verse 1: Audio Push] Alright, I count it, I show it I take it out and I throw it Them real niggas is here and know everybody know it Boy, I got these girls wildin' from 19 to like 40 something You're not Disick, like Kourtney husband I'm more than drunk cause I had a shot of that vodka I had a shot of that Henny, I got contact from that Mary Your girl gave me some Remy and now she poppin' that thing for me And lookin' like she want it, B-O-W-O-K-T-A-N-E Instagram in the morning, girl Come through bring her and them, too, do not bring your man with you Nickname that na-na trouble now let's see how much I get into I'm Oktane, that's Pricetag and Weezy, well you know him So Sundays at Greystone, shots on me well let's go then [Hook] [Verse 2: Lil Wayne] Ugh, take them clothes of, that's a fashion statement I get behind that ass, we drag racing Suck my pipe, swallow my crack babies Dirty dancing, rest in peace Patrick Swayze Get your ho and don't you stunt I make her knees weak, four more make a month She blow my dick like a blunt She shakin' like shake John She make her ass clap Thank you, thank you very much Pop that pussy lil mama Do your lil dance with your beautiful ass Hoes sweat me like glands Now shake that ass girl, shake that ass girl Ass like a dump truck, Truk the world Tunechi... [Hook] [Verse 3: Audio Push] Uh, one time, uh Pull up, ten chains on, fur coat nigga Rest in peace to all you broke niggas When it come to paper yeah we got the most with us So rest in peace to all you broke niggas All the girls jock us, beast, daily knockas Middle of the stage middle finger to the coppas Wait, heard your mama white but your daddy black Well that explains that long hair and how that booty clap Black girl got knowledge, my white girl attended college Spanish girl, she like it fast, I call her Speedy Gonzales My black girl said "don't be sittin' down if you a freak" (go 'head) I said "get up out that seat" (go 'head) "And practice what you preach" (go 'head) [Hook]