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Theme Song (Audio Push)

HS87 records taking over for the '13 and the '14 nigga [Hook:] Ten chains, gold rings and a mink on This shit feeling like my theme song (theme song) Yeah, it's feeling like my theme song (theme song) I swear it's feeling [Verse 1 - Oktane:] Yeah I be high as a motherfucker drinking like a bitch Wanna showboat? I be that one to sink a nigga ship Hoes screaming fuck me like it's NSync up in this bitch Feeling like Frank Lucas with that mink on in this bitch [Verse 2 - Price Tag:] And now I'm walking around city like a king off in this bitch Coming to America like Akeem off in this bitch I'm repping for my area, SIE off in this And yeah, I rep the whole [?] like I sing off in this bitch [Verse 3 - T.I.:] Now tell the rest T-A-T-E I go O-Dog on a beat I'm a menace in this streets You niggas biches like Sharif You can't stand it take a seat This one for the streets If you ain't talking money leave a message at the beep [Verse 4 - Price tag:] And if it's money, yeah what's happening, Talk to me, what it do? This one for my real niggas, and bad bitches too And you dumb niggas hating, it's all good, it's cool You don't like me but at least you know my name, now who is you? [Verse 5 - Oktane:] Now who it be? It be the boy that brought that younger [?] Real recognise the real, and you I do not recognise They say their team is the realest, we all know that that's a lie All my niggas out here killing I hope no one testify And ain't no snitching bitch, we getting it cause we on 9 to 5 HS87 B.O.W. and leave the rest to die Broke niggas always talk too much and give the worst advice Now you found out that we nice Bitch I'm Oktane, and that's Price, I'll let him finish [Hook - Price Tag:] Ten chains, gold rings and a mink on This shit feeling like my theme song Yeah, it's feeling like my theme song I swear it's feeling like my theme song Couple bad biches trying to get their drink on Yeah, this feeling my theme song I swear it's feeling like my theme song So I need all the bad bitches to go [Verse 6 - T.I.:] A hundred thousand diamonds, gold on my neck, I'm a kill these hoes Bad bitch in the front, bad bitch in the back, hopping out my [?] Rose gold Frank Bueller, dick french in my new fur That bad bitch got a bad bitch, [?] No thank you sir We on, you want to be then dream on Don't you know how much a gangsta nigga need a theme song Dime piece, I got a solid dick for you to lean on King shit, fuck what other sucker niggas be on Trap outfit in a blackout deck I like your girl I hop out and make her come up out that All the drama we be repping but we been about that Shooting niggas in the front, fucking bitches out back That's a fact [Hook] [Outro:] Go ahead and serve that, drop th- drop that Twist th- twist that, shake th- shake that, Go ahead and serve that, shake th- shake that, Drop th- drop that, twist th- twist that