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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Kiss Like A Miracle (The Saddest Landscape)

steal this! steal this!!! seal it with a kiss, lets set it light. set it one more time. this will be our greatest work, we'll never give a thought about the future and we will kiss like a miracle, and i wont tell anyone about the one two so lets share this breath. come on! come on!!! ive seen that look before, lock it up, no more heavy heads, this is the new now. black hair! black hair!!! lets get off im tired of leaveing, and if we die tonight we can call it art. my amitryptiline dreams and anemic after thoughts will be big enough for two., we'll complete thie night sky and you wont have to feel my heart beat to know im still alive. dont let it! dont let it end!!! lets misspell the test we will have our own language; my breath. your arms. just hold on this angelic. and you just are... and you just arexooxoxoxox