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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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So Lightly Thrown (The Saddest Landscape)

Let's give up, retreat, there is no point in fixing this, let's give up, retreat. There is no hope in fixing this. We should really not be doing this. Shaking hands and ripped fabric, let's make this as dirty as we can get. I know you heard I'm not ok, that things just slip away from me. And I have heard you are still drop dead gorgeous. Your smile is fatal. Your eyes a heart attack. We'll kiss until it shows, we'll kiss until it shows, we'll kiss until it shows. Just tell me that we will make it through. This is what happens when two disposable fall in love. Can't you see it's killing us? This is goodbye. This is I miss you. This is no way out. This is starting over. This is claiming your own ending. Let someone else sing these songs, let someone else hold your hand. Let someone else make you smile, buy you flowers, and calm your dreams. I just don't deserve you anymore. We all have a price to pay, I guess mine was losing you. At this point it makes no difference. And you can't say you weren't warned, so cover your heart. Cover your heart.