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Are you messing around (Ruff Endz)

Uh, uh Ruff Endz I've got this feeling That my own lady's cheating on me, huh Taking my car keys Creeping out at night while I'm fast asleep, babe, uh But something inside my brain Won't let me believe she's down with O.P.P. A clean reputation backed by explanations Leaves me with false accusations So I don't know [Chorus] Are you being a good wife? Or living a double life? Are you still committed? Or try-na be slick with it? Are you gonna admit it? If I ask if you did it Girl to put it bluntly Are you messing around? I drop the kids off at mothers Cause I needed some time to play (To get away) Just me and some old friends Wildin' out until the break of day, oh What could it be? Who did I see? On 53rd in Lexus loud as can be It was my baby With another lady holding hands kissing in the street Now I know [Chorus] Baby I caught you cheating When you were supposed to be with your friends You was creeping Oh tell me lady Did you benefit from all them empty lies? Was I not good enough? Oh, said girl are you still down? Or try-na be slick? Are you, are you messing around? [Chorus x2] Tell me baby, tell me what went wrong I don't need you had a good thing going on Tell me what about the kids that we shared Are you messing around?