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Cuban Linx 2000 (Ruff Endz)

[Intro: Raekwon (Ghostface Killah)] (Yo, what up law, wassup, wassup baby? Talk to me) Yo, Shorty yo, it ain't even like it's really, it's really, messing with me son but it's messing with me, man, for real man (Aight, but you know what? Don't even let it get to you Like you told me, birds is birds After you lovin 'em, they fly away, son) They fly, yeah yeah, you're right, you're right (KnowImean? It's like that man) Yeah (Word up!) [Raekwon] One in the morning tryin to sneak in Caught the weace and start beefin, I'm leavin and leave, stop speakin yo, no static Go get that shit up in the attic That old shit look better, kept it so you have shit The ice, take it off, no loss Knew you was an Indian giver nigga Besides, that's the way I floss, yea I'm buggin now, actin like an old lady It's real, a nigga got mines, she sleepin without pagin me [Ruff Endz] Baby, relax, sit back and chill (yeah) Just give me a second And let me tell you how I feel Cause all around town you've been steppin' out Runnin' your mouth about What made you think I wouldn't find out? Wasn't I there for you? Truly cared for you Maybe my love was just too good Could've had it good, now the love is gone And went back to your hood with the 54-11's on [Hook: Ruff Endz] Does he lace you with the finer things? Does he make ya wanna scream his name? Does he hit it from the front to back? Did you let him break it down like that? Should've told me the love was gone Never thought that you'd do me wrong Girl I though that your love was strong Till I saw you with another man [Chorus x2: Ruff Endz] No more shopping sprees No more late night creeps No more VIP's, no more dough We can't even kick it no more [Ruff Endz] I saw you on the Ave' in the Nav' In the backseat B's, spilling Henney in his lap Thought it was me that you was all about But I'm having doubts cause I see you tryna play me out But when the brother called the crib with beef Didn't I represent you when I caught him in the streets So let me get the keys to Lex and no more checks And no more hanging baguettes around your neck, babe [Hook] [Chorus x2] [Break: Ghostface Killah] Uh-uh You heard that That's right Yo, yeah, come on And that's a no-no Yeah, eh yo, eh yo, eh yo, eh yo [Ghostface Killah] You met me with a big blow out African bangel, left hand Gucci, ling braces on my ankle At the shark bar we at Shaq shit Ballplayer stats, 40 plus, son hit twenty-somethin baskets Turn for a second, stop! Son caught my eye, yo 'vine! Bet you out bag her on the first stop Peace booby, love you beauty, rock yours truly Ghostface and who is she? That's my girlfriend I want you and your girl to grab me, Tonka's Be careful boo, I got carrots on (Word!) Carry on, so we stepped back to the bar The disc jockey threw in the car Toxi' seen me, so what time is it? Your back was out, passin we bounced to the powder room Beggin me, I fucked you for an hour in the room And when we finished, you was on stuck Jamal Arief came through, started dartin and you jumped up in my man's truck [Chorus x4] [Outro: Ghostface Killah] For real Ghostface Killah, Ruff Endz No doubt! Y'all know how we do