Big Nel From Da Natti (Hi-Tek)

(Big Nel) Let 'em know how we do it down in the C.O. we 'bout to get the thang started Know what I'm sayin'? The year 2000 I'm 'bout to let these muthaf**kas know, Big D representin' All the way from the C.O. Cinncinnati, Ohio - that's what it is Ay yo I'm givin' some shout-outs to my kids I'm just a real-ass nigga from the Natti I used to drive caddies And used to be a Pimp daddy And now I chill in the studio, roll wit' my niggas And we sippin' on Henny though Yeah, I like to smoke on the hydro Go to the club, might pick up a freaky ho Yeah, what's up my niggas? We doin' it like that While we in the bank countin' figures You know how we gettin' things started down here in the Natti You know, Come down here you kick it with me, Big D Y'know, ride out, get cloud out, smoked out, know what I'm sayin' Get things poppin' You know how we do it, got the forty fluid Know what I'm sayin', yeah, yeah