Josephine (Hi-Tek)

(feat. Ghostface Killah,Pretty Ugly,Willie Cottrell Band) [Intro: Ghostface Killah] God's woman... what's going on? I know things seem messed up sometime You stressed out and you can't handle the situation Sometime it feels like you lacking the guidance And you don't know what to do... but stay strong And keep in mind that he always loves you... It's what it is... that's right sugar love Come on... [Chorus: Willie Cottrell] Josephine, the times are getting tough Seems to me... you just wont get enough The rain, wont wash away, your sins... You'll be here, to do them all over again... [Ghostface Killah:] Yo, I know this chick from the hood named Courtney Cox And her brain is easy to pick like faulty locks She's awfully hot, asshole burning like tobasco She used to be thick, it's like where the hell her ass go Started smoking weed and graduated to the pipe Thought that she could quit but her calculations wasn't right Infactuated with the life of dope fiends and crack pushers Prostituting for old pimps who mack hookers Putting dope in the cook, searching for her vein Tracks all over her arms, she never felt the pain The monkey on her back is now a gorilla Fiending for a hit knowing one day it's gon' kill her The clinic didn't help (nope) she just another young black woman Destroying her pretty image and her health Got me thinking to myself, damn, how could this happen? I seen her on the corner, nodding off, sniffin' and scratching [Chorus] [Willie Cottrell:] Up all night, under the party lights Same old popping and party hopping All of your so called friends, are leading you down the wrong road Leading you back to crack, it's a known fact It is time, that you need me, I'll be there, to help ya I'll be your leaning pole when you're falling down I'll be there, when you falling down (sooner or later) [Pretty Ugly:] The Josephine that I knew, had a fiend for the rich guys Old fashion girl, judged a man by her shoe size If you had on the right Nikes, looked like the right type Paid her the right price, she give you the green light She was a different breed, she smoked different weed Every week her hair done, she had a different weave She was in and out of bars, she was in and out of cars She was on and off the law, she was in and out of drawers The chick a dime, I admit, I even tried to hit I told her I was broke as shit, but I got the magic stick I'm that confident, she said I need the cash A different time, a different place, I could have the ass Years went pass, before I seen her again Now she slim, and I don't think she been in the gym So I asked her how she been, she said I'm down with the men Now I'm seen, but I caught AIDS when I was f**king with them [Chorus x2]