Music For Life (Hi-Tek)

(feat. J Dilla, Nas, Marsha Ambrosius, Hi-Tek, Common,...) [NEXT MESSAGE] [Message #1: J Dilla] Yo, I don't know where to start Uh, check it out, music is - my total existence, dawg, straight up Everything with my life revolves around music It's like... you can't get a relationship with.. I'm still with.. my first love which is music You'know'what'I'm'sayin'?, fo'real The reason I'm here is.. is J Dilla, just like that, peace [END OF MESSAGE] [PRE-SAVED, NEXT MESSAGE] [Verse One: Nas] Yea, yea It started with rhythms I heard listenin' to the wall The bouncin' of basketballs on playgrounds and all The empty bottles that's hollow, wind blowin' inside 'em The flow and the rhymin' got my alignment to a Science Mixin' with my moms in the kitchen, them spoons rattlin' Pots and pans, faucet water pourin', tunes managin' To come from all the fussin' and ramblin' What I noticed was -- pure music, untampered with By things show biz does