So Tired (Hi-Tek)

(feat. Dion, Bun B, Devin the Dude, Pretty Ugly) [Chorus: Dion] Tired, so tired It's a shame the way I'm livin this life, but I keep livin it Smoke to get high And the weed and hennessy don't do nothin but I keep rippin it It's the way I live my life It's my life and how I live in the sunshine, my nigga It's just the way I live my life It's my life and how I live in the sunshine [Verse 1: Bun B] Man, day-in day-out it's the same old same I'm tryin to make a dollar out of 15 cents main A little purp in the swisher A little purp in the cup A little purp in my system and I can't give myself up I kick myself up out the bed Out the door to the block Motivate my way to the corner and hustle the rocks I don't love what I'm doin, but I hate where I'm stayin So I be out with the truth's, cause it's due's that I'm payin Prayin I can find a way up out this bottomless pit Cause livin like how I'm livin ain't hittin no shit Niggas tell it like it's nothin so there's no one to trust And for me to see tomorrow by any means is a must So ain't no need to fuss about it, take it day-by-day Get my hustle on and keep these hater's out my way I trust no niggas and trust no ho's And I'm never really asleep, there's only one eye closed So I'm tired [Chorus] [Verse 2: Devin the Dude] My work, shit is also playtime When I punch in I roll a sweet then I say rhymes A drink'll help, I take a step to the bottle then pop the top Finish up the lyrics, go in and rock the spot I come out and take another swig Another brew, another blunt, another cig Shit, who got the liquor nigga Fuck it, I'll drink it even though, you know, it gets me sicka quicka I'm goin hard, yet, I'm still on the clock My homie got the weed, my partna got the pills on lock And, whatever-ya else you want from speed to syrup But I prefer the herb And I drink, so I got to watch how I behave My beer was frozen – tried to put it in the microwave I got to focus cause tonight we got a show And you know we gonna be drinkin and smokin some mo' But ughhh [Chorus] [Verse 3: Pretty Ugly] Now personally, I don't give a f**k who forget about me when I'm dead and gone Cause most of the people who don't care won't even hear this song I been a lot of place's I thought I'd never ever be And I seen a lot of things I thought I'd never ever see My momma told me that these streets gonna be the death of me I've been in situations from murder's to the burglaries I'm a pretty dude, why ugly dudes always be testin me I'm a skinny dude, why big dudes always be testin me I make it happen real fast, unexpectedly My hood shootouts be exactly like the Westerns be I tell a judge and jury I was just defendin' me And intimidation is no relation, only kin to me I usually ride by myself, there's never men with me I'm a grown man, I don't need no men to send for me Cause it ain't no vest on me, don't think you got the best of me That ain't the way I'm supposed to die, that ain't my destiny [Chorus]