Some Kind Of Wonderful (Hi-Tek)

What's next? These chicken neck MCs get me vexed My rhymes be blowin' up chat rooms all over the internet And causin' collisions on the highway of information And then I head back to my prior engagement In the nation of Brooklyn Land of Trinis, Haitians, Jamaicans and Bejans It's amazin' how lickin' shots is the proper representation Soon they gonna need wack MC reservations Cause I endanger the motherfuckers, they needin' preservation Carry 'em home on the top of a truck like a trophy Niggas still sleepin' like I'm Jay Z in the video for Hawaiian Sophie It's cool I stay low key, keep a low pro Come out crushin' shit just for fun like Co Flow Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo here we go Ridin' on the sound waves out your stereo In the procession to your burial Callin' Hi Tek little Leon the professional I got the special flow listenin' to estero Puffin' vegetables and now I'm red to go The illest rhyme animal like Chuck Burn leech niggas like salt when i lay in the cut Think you about to blow when you continue to suck The shit I've been through Make me run up in your venue like What! I snatch the mic and ask the crowd what are y'all waitin' for? They say nothin' but that fat shit I got you, say no more i laid the law and all them Crab rappers played the floor I called them out A couple of them steeped up and I ate 'em raw Some more wack niggas tried to spray the door but had no aim Later for them corn balls On the way out smacked them in they face with a methaphor For better or for worse you better call the nurse Before I send a cleaner and he get to your hospital room first (Chorus) What you wanna do? I'm runnin' through your front line Your whole plan is catcha tan in my sunshine One time 'cause it's some kinda wonderful Don't stand there lookin' stupid, what you wanna do? (repeat) I'll take your style and embarras it with Words beautifully written like Arabic Got niggas on the run 'cause the fire like chariot Introduce pen skills to ill deliveries and married it Put it in your face like big gats and carried it like Harriet Various crews tried to bury us But we shut 'em down like Sagiterious with That wack shit money you can't be serious You niggas is hilarious actresses Runnin around the club pissy like ghetto matresses That's why I smack these kids back to reality And how it be in actuality With ready to battle MCs who skip the fuckin' formailties We spark it in any club or meat market Sweet artists don't come on the block they become street targets If you want it I got it, come get it I'm with it Your career will be shorter than a midget And the world will know who did it I smack up these ho ass MCs like a gorilla pimp You comin' out the box like a gimp, money you still a wimp My shit blow out filaments and light fixtures With the right mixture of words used as colors To paint the right picture Graphic masterpieces your whole shit is smashed to pieces Make you look at your man who rhyme and be like, "you not nasty like he is" Believe this when you see this, and don't fuck with Me either, 'cuz you'll be down where my feet is Curled up in the fetus Cryin' from the kicks, watch when I flip People gonna be buyin' my shit like fiends dyin' for a hit, so... (Chorus)