The Chip (Hi-Tek)

[Hi-Tek:] Hi (Hi) Tek (Tek) Zilla.. Zilla.. Zilla.. We up on this one baby Hi-Teknology Volume 2: The Chip, ha ha Uhh Damn, who could it be, Hi-Tek-Zilla They ain't heard the 'Natti in the while Had to keep my ear to the ground For the peeps who be lovin beats by the pound Came up in the game, niggaz stayed the same Nigga how you hate on that shit (hate on that shit) Singlehandedly carried the 'Natti on my back And I ain't even that big Little nigga got it done I ain't even talk about bustin no gun This is for the streets (uhh) for the cars For the niggaz who be countin them ones I done had a lot of fun Been across the world about damn near twice Only thing I can tell you, is when you spit Bring the truth to the light Fist to the fight, lyrics to the mic Whole lot of wind to them pipes Be prepared to put in hard work Number one nigga don't get caught up in the hype I done been through a lot of pain Tryin to get up in this game damn near my whole life Be the first one to tell a nigga If you ain't Twista it don't happen "Overnight" Hi (Hi) Tek (Tek) Zilla.. Zilla.. Zilla..