The Illest It Get (Hi-Tek)

[Buckshot] yeah uh,uh,uh uh, yeah Back up in the motherf**kin place Real shit to ya face you know how we do we gonna show y'all nigas how we roll in the BK Side Feel this straight like that hardcore shit to ya back my dog hi-tek is on da motherf**kin boards and I'm gonn' steep for a minute and tell y'all motherf**kers who I be [Verse 1] Blaw! Here comes the BDI thug Buckshot, shorty with da gat tucked by the rug It's kinda bugged niggas said I fell off on tracks you see this dick, u fell off on that, u sell off crack That don't mean u pop collars or drop dollars you could be a spot watcher watch yo spot or better yet watch da stain on yo shirt Buckshot put ya brain on your shirt and that's the main reason that I'm hre Buck spit, Hi-tek beats beez in yo ear you see buck, you see trees in da air D's in da chair, tied up screaming for air Little buck with big bucks, spend a little on a good dick suck you can get this nut or that nut, huh both for da nut, throw for a the gut, duke u gon' go for da buck that means u go for this and go for that and got nothing to show for that Stick with Buck, don't need coke or crack I teach u how to rhyme now u a joking rack [Chorus](2x) why they wanna act up wanna get smacked up everybody back up, what! hit yo back up, huh say sumthin' everyday I lace sumthin I see niggas stay frontin [Verse 2] yo, I don't really give a f**k about those who don't give a f**k about me cuz All I wanna do is cock lead, get bread live live and get hed wicked in bed Shabbah Rank no. 1 dick, I'ma give yo chick till tomorrow Beg & borrow, yeah that's the hood motto but you shouldn't follow shit that don't bring no do you just swing low huh, and I was taught to aim high, take over your shit call it shanghai I heard you wanna bang why? It must be a reason for that Damn videos, that gotta be the reason for that cuz man listen, in some hoods you end up missin snatched with yo pants down while you pissin It's like an intermission, or better more like a song cuz I got u listening that long and all my true fans, I stick by y'all and all you fake niggas I lick fire That's when I melt hot rocks and spit larva Buck spit saliva on your shoe and tell you slide off with your crew and if you rap I tell u slide off the boot and slide off with your boo, cuz your bitch is mine too You cop my bootleg and bit this rhyme too goddamn nigga, your kid is mine too take shit I'm designed too Don't even sweat that just when you lighting up I leave you jet black [chorus] This that ill shit, the illest it get You talk shit but you still on the dick You can stay flock, but it still gonna hit as I pop yo top like this (2x)