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Courage born from despair (Rawside)

So many years, we talked about the changing of life all the things we done is self-destruction all the time systems laughing about inability for unity scene against scene a diversion from the real enemy! What´s happening there might´s right they close the doors eyerybody knows what else has git to happen before enough oppression we´ve seen, too much injustice for me we´re one mankind need no leaders to be free once more we cry for freedom step out of my way a million different voices same hopes for you and me together on this way can´t get it out of my mind with courage born from despair everything will be allright! now we have payed enough for all these wasted years let´s kick away all sadness and the tears fortune favours the brave climbing up from the grave it´s in your hands one change for one life Despair Warning, Despair Warning