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Never fall down (Rawside)

False -friends telling you lies no one helps you, pay the price STOP THE MADNESS in school we sat side by side we were like brothers, every day every night STOP THE MADNESS you left me, I don´t know why You, not, a friend, friend of mine STOP THE MADNESS Down - Never fall down Control your life, what drugs have done good friends are gone for all this fun stop this fake, united and strong for you and me and everyone drugs, a story of the scene and confusion death and destruction and thousands of lies remember yourself, your dreams , your future don´t believe in illusions of life lose control, you´re standing still wake up before the drugs kill STOP THE MADNESS fucking friends, destroy your health drugs disqualify yourself STOP THE MADNESS fast overkill, you go insane you could stop, you´re to blame don`t be controlled be in control!