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See you die (Rawside)

That´s the new, the new world war that´s the reasonyou get out of my way for global world, for global lies we are the only, the only ones who pay The unemployed get more and more poor people all over the world the elite, grab the cash to push up, the hierarchy of their land war in their land What we see is the truth, and we see you die what we hear is your voice, and we hear you cryyou got no mercy for me I got no mercy for you see you die The new world order is no future for me so we resist the system and your laws you stupid bastards, we beware of you Don´t push me arround And fuck you, too Don´t kill the earth, don´t kill my life we shout ot out, we won´t be quiet change your mind an change your life it´s time to see the suffering, you can stop you can stop now!