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Together (Rawside)

I was born 20 years ago and I live in South Africa My skin is black, my teeth are white So people tell me, that ain't right Hear them telling us, go back to virgin forest Racists now hear my voice, this land is not yours Day by day - I feel the white power Day by day - we are supressed Day by day - I hope's the last hour Day by day - a new oppression In the streets you slap me down I see the people passing by You spit the hate into my face That's the way of K.K.K. But don't forget the hate you give One day will come back to you And don't forget, the blacks are strong Very strong and proud, too Fight you down - with the weapons of the street Fight you down - with your hate Together - fight back - together - strike back We are the ones to govern - together is our way We have the power - believe in what we say Now we are the children, the children of this land