Chi Chi Man (T.O.K.)

My crew (my crew) My dogs (my dogs) Set rules (set rules) Set laws (set laws) We represent for the lords of yards A gyal alone a feel up my balls From them a par inna chi chi man car Blaze the fire make me bun them (Bun them!!!!) From them a drink inna chi chi man bar Blaze the fire make we dun them (Dun them!!!!) So mi go so, do you see weh I see? Niggas when ya doin' that Nuff a them a freak them a carry all them dutty act Thug niggas wannabees nuff a them a lick it back It them bring it to we, hold on nuff a cop a shot Cop a shot rise up every calico go Rat ta tat, rat ta tat Every chi chi man them haffi get flat, get flat Me and my niggas ago make a pack Chi chi man fi dead that's a fact So me go so, la la la la la la la la la la la Nah go make nuh chi chi man walk right a so From a bwoy a deep we ago dun them right now Leff him whole family them a blow wow I see it from far me and them nah go par A nuff a them bwoy me a smoke man cigar Me and them coulda never inna wrong bar Them bwoy deh flex too bizarre [Verse 1 x2]