Guiding Light (Television)

Do I, Do I? belong to the night? Only only Only tonight. All the ladies Stay inside. Time may freeze, A world could cry. All this night running loud I hear the whispers I hear the shouts. And tho they never cry for help... Tell me who sends these infamous gifts. To make such a promise and make such a slip. Oh no Can't pull a trick Never the rose Without the prick But tell me how do I say? I woke up and it was yesterday. Do I again face this night? Guiding Light. Guiding Light Guiding thru these nights. Darling Darling Do we part like the seas? The roaring shell... The drifting of the leaves... All intent Remains unknown. It's time to sit up Up on the throne. It's seen before but it's always new. So look close and see who's come thru. Never again to face this night Guiding Light, Guiding Light Guiding thru these nights.