Mars (Television)

Guess I need some education Grab some whilst I have the chance to free Twice upon a time hear yea hear yea hear yea Plastic bow wow no can't remember... can't remember No.....! [Chorus:] In my arms she's warm and smooth All the bones in heaven will... I'm just a dipstick yes I like that frying but... That cop, that cop, hey! that cop's from That cop's from MARS! Aaaaaaough baby Ha. Mars. Mars Fried bones, in the air (?????who knows, it might be right) Fried bones, everywhere Hot bones, made of light Someone's pulled my skin on my, on my oh Oh OH [Chorus] I'm just a dipstick searching for truth Ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling time again time again Must have some coffee Let's have some caw-fee I die a coupla times for you I die a coupla times a night for you, Aaaaaargh [Chorus 2x]