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The Only Exception (Megan Nicole)

when i was younger i saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind broke his own heart and i watched as he tried to reassemble it and my momma swore that she would never let herself forget and that was the day that i promised i'd never sing of love if it does not exist but darling you, are, the only exception x4 maybe i know somewhere deep in my soul that love never lasts and we've got to find other ways to make it alone or keep a straight face and i've always lived like this keeping a comfortable distance and up until now i had sworn to myself that i'm content with loneliness because none of it was ever worth the risk, well you, are, the only exception x4 i've got a tight grip on reality but i can't let go of what's in front of me here i know you're leaving in the morning when you wake up leave me with some kind proof it's not a dream ohh you, are, the only exception x8 and i'm on my way to believing oh, and i'm on my way to believing