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Down Under (Taylor Steve)

Down under Ever wonder how you got in? Down under Down under Pick a cell you'd like to rot in Down under Carlos went from college to a prison suit Asking for election day Didn't care to lick El Presidente's boots Got that, Pinochet? Down under Disappeared without a trial Down under Down under We don't have that name on file Down under Ivan told his brothers in the fellowship Not to tow the party line Now he gets to take a sentimental trip To a prison mine Down under Would you care for bread and water? Down under This was Daddy's alma mater Ain't no Yankee jive Ain't no commie plot I don't lean left or right I stand on solid rock We hold this truth To be as dear to life as bread People think better When they don't have a gun at their head Miko looked around and saw her Seoul on ice Organized a student parade Someone told the state police to shoot on sight And they all obeyed Down under Say the word and we will lock you Down under Down under Doctors here will likely shock you Down under Down under Down under Down under