I Just Wanna Know (Taylor Steve)

Life's too short for small talk so don't be talking trivia now excess baggage fills this plane there's more than we should ever allow there's engines stalling and good men falling but I ain't crawling away I just want to know am I pulling people closer? I just want to be pulling them to You I just want to stay angry at the evil I just want to be hungry for the true Folks play follow the leader but who's the leader gonna obey? will his head get big when the toes get tapping? I just want to know are they catching what I say? I'm a little too young to introspect and I surely haven't paid all my dues but there's bear trap lying in those woods most of 'em already been used Search me, Father, and know my heart try me and know my mind and if there be any wicked way in me pull me to the rock that is higher than I