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Jim Morrison's Grave (Taylor Steve)

Jim Morrison's Grave Am I a pilgrim or another souvenir hound in the city of lights I set my sights on a king's domain It was a manhole dug over at the edge of town and a spray can scrawl on the cemetery wall said, "You'd better behave" Jim Morrison's grave It's getting cold here and there ain't a lizard in sight did the end begin when you shed your skin in the home of the brave Somebody shake him from the land of larger than life where the remnants warn of a legend born in a dead man's cave Jim Morrison's grave I stay driven 'cause there's nowhere to park I can't shut my eyes--I'm afraid of the dark I lie awake that stone left me chilled to the bone sound the alarm before it's done find Jim Morrison Come away to Paris let him see another day let him fade out slowly only fools burn away let a true love show him what a heart can become somebody find Jim Morrison find Jim Morrison's grave I get weary Lord, I don't understand how does a seed get strangled in the heart of a man then the music covers like an evening mist like a watch still ticking on a dead man's wrist tick away