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Where The Strong Live Forever (Ablaze My Sorrow)

Bom to die, our fate has been sealed The webs of life spun since day one Odin father of death, our paths will cross In the halls of Valhalla well feast, warriors from north These seas whipped by the fury of Jormundgand These mountains born from the teeth of Ymer Beautiful and majestic, forever in my heart The setting sun burns my eyes Will this be my last or will I again see it rise? Ancestral pride burns in me I am the king of the northern sea A battle is raging soon to be won I raise my sword to Bur and Bestlas son Can't remember how many I have slain Then, all I feel is the burning pain A fatal wound has appeared But I'm not afraid it's nothing I feared Ancestral pride burns in me I am now set forever free Chilling winds caress my body The rain falls hard on my face As I gaze up to the sky Clouds gather and thunder roars Valkyries ride down to me Einherjer is what I'll be I ride with them to the golden halls Deep within Asgards walls