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Like A Waterfall (Marsters James)

Her hair Fell like a waterfall She was young lean and long I thought She was betrayin' me Now I find I was wrong Freight train Take me outta here I don't care where you're bound 'Cause I just Beat me a man tonight Who never done me wrong I just got to be goin' I just want to be outside Set me out in the middle of the desert tonight So I can howl To myself Love sings Like a whip-poor-will But she don't sing for me So I'm goin' Down to Mexico They'll never find me She'd be up the hill doin' laundry I'd be mendin' the fence out back She'd be talkin' 'bout little babies again And I'd be smilin' To myself I hope The road will take me back Company would be nice I better bring A bottle of wine tonight Might help break the ice