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Louise (Marsters James)

Who'll tell you just where to get off And when to do it And just how to get there That's Lou Who'll take you from Leeds to Bristol Through the cops and robbers And the one-way headaches That's Lou Louise Louise Coventry really brought our pants down They cocked their guns And got all our crowns, yeah Wake up Lou You'd know what to do By London we were tired as hell Had to shake some bunnies That got on our tail, yeah Punch it Lou Punch it Lou Punch it Chewie! Punch it Chewie But a cop didn't like the way Lou Went down a one-way street Backward Slow down Lou We don't wanna die Lou said: sit down baby I'll get you to your date You won't be late And she did Hey Lou What happened to that cop back there man Whoa He was there man and now he ain't What you got some cop disappearing ink up there Or something Lou You're beautiful, you're amazing, you're no Wookie Sometimes I'm a dick man You're Louise