Not A Millionaire (Marsters James)

I get the sweet spot In the line When the first gun pops up I leave them behind And at the first turn I always carve my line 'Times I turn my head, yeah And wave goodbye But I don't have my own car And I have to race my friends 'Cause I'm not a rich man's son, no I'm not a millionaire No No no no No no No You are the only daughter of A privileged second son You say that I'm your lover but I'm not the only one No no No no no But I think if I had my own car Then I know that I could turn your head Take you up to see the mountains and Sing you songs before you go to bed Yeah Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah About midnight It's just Joe and me While we clean the stands up He sings me melodies And on the bus home Route '95 See the love and the hatred And the boredom on the faces of passersby And I know that I don't have my own ride but I can teach you how to go real fast now Stick with me if you would like some wildness Stick with me and see the whole wide world Yeah Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah Yeah