Four Score And Seven (Titus Andronicus)

This is a war we can't win After ten thousand years, it's still us against them And my heroes have always died at the end So who's going to account for these sins? And I don't know who here is my friend Well, I'm certain that I've seen only men Christ, fuck me if I can remember when Will I never be lonely again? Well the tides are a-turnin' once more Six dark-winged devils line up at my door Each one is more evil than that which came before Seven angels fly me across the floor (???) You (???) to believe you're a star And I'll admit that it's worked out pretty well so far But when they see the kind of person that you really are Then you won't be laughing so hard No, you won't be laughing so hard! You won't be laughing so hard "We're all depraved and disgusting" I spew like a fountain, "And debased, defaced, disgraced and destroyed, "Most of all disappointed" I say atop this mountain As I urinate into the void Fuck I'm frustrated, freaking out something fierce Would you help me, I'm hungry, I suffer and I starve Oh I struggle and I stammer 'till I'm up to my ears In miserable quote unquote awe. But however since our forefathers came on this land We've been coddling those we should be running through Please don't wait around for them to come and shake hands They're not gonna be waiting for you Cause these humans treat humans like humans treat hogs They get used up, coughed up, and fried in a pan But I wasn't born to die like a dog, I was born to die just like a man I was born to die just like a man! It's still us against them And they're winning