In A Small Body (Titus Andronicus)

Don't tell me I was born free That joke has been old since high school You'll only find the wrong job for me Much as I'm looking like the right tool I never wanted to grow up to be Some kind of social construct, imagine me A cog in some kind of infernal machine And yet a bounty of beautiful boxes awaits Forever flashing on that screen So please, don't tell me I was born free You're gonna get your change to be hung You'll make a great gift to gracious girls Try to swallow while you're still young That your dick's too short to fuck the world What you know about being no sort of slave? I know some kids who'd kill for this kind of cage But I never want to act my age I'm a born again babe with a vague rage Mewling and puking upon that page, okay? So don't ever get in my way Sweating through the sheets seven nights a week Screaming as I sleep, dreams of demons streaming through the streets Watch the acid eat away the enamel Kissing the toiler seat, does it make me an animal? Sludge through the sewage, it's such a world of shit Feeling like we live, live on a Diarrhea Planet First I was emboldened, then I was embarrassed Started out golden and ended up garish I couldn't approve, but I could understand I know what just appeared, and what just happened in your underpants Tonight your gonna see, it's my body and me We'll ride to the city and grab on that sin with both hands