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My Time Outside The Womb (Titus Andronicus)

The first thing you see is the light Then, you focus on a man in a mask with a knife As he cuts you away from everything you thought you knew about life Now you're in your mother's arms, wrinkled and wet You'll spend the rest of your life trying to hard to forget That you met the world naked and screaming And that's how you'll leave it In Riverside Hospital, on a July morning With a push and a pull - this is how I found out I wasn't quite so invulnerable It put the fear of God in me when I heard my daddy say, "One mistake is all that it takes." I ended up at Central School, 1993, And met a certain kid named Sarim at the library He said, "they're ain't nothing about this place that's elementary." I learned to play the guitar in the seventh grade In order to convince everyone I was a renegade That's when I learned, in Glen Rock, Everybody calls a spade a spade I couldn't fool anyone I couldn't even fool myself I was just another book on the shelf, nothing else