No Future (Titus Andronicus)

Just give me a suitcase And I'll promise to not look back Just point me Point me towards the railroad track I've been staring at the gates But I've never found a crack So I'm just looking up, saying "Deliver me a heart attack." And if you're weary I don't mind sharing the load Just keep me some company on the road 'Cause all I've got is a bottle That I ought to leave alone But it's the only thing that I can call my own So I'm saying goodbye And no, I won't forget to write It's just been too long racing towards a yellow light And I know that I say this every night But I don't think I've ever been so tired of life And if things should not get better Will you wait for me to change Or will I see you waving goodbye From the window of an aeroplane? If I told you it was hopeless Would you try to understand? Or will you leave me for a palm tree And it's shadow on the sand? Because I've been waiting all year For the temperature to drop Now I've got a fever and I don't know how to make it stop There's still one shoe that hasn't dropped yet It's hanging on by an aglet This world seems like a nice place to visit But I don't want to live in it There is not a doctor That can diagnose me I am dying slowly From Patrick Stickles Disease There is not a medication That can cure what's ailing me The only treatment they offer is to hang me from a tree Life's been a long, sick game of "Would You Rather, So now I'm going to medical school as a cadaver And if I could say only one thing with the whole world listening, It would be, "Leave me the fuck alone or welcome to the Terrordome."