Richard Ii (Titus Andronicus)

Soon you'll be burning orphanages down Watching ashes scattering all over town And when the smoke gets too close to the ground You'll see blue trampling over gray and green over brown And you'll be cutting ears off of dead men Pumping shells into the carcass for hours on end Then you'll swear that we've always been friends And be unable to conceive it could ever happen again Of course, you have never been to blame For the various horrible things that you did You may have gotten away with them too If not for those meddling kids The lump in your throat, the ache in your bones They are nobody's fault but your own And whatever amount you paid For your many distractions, well, it was too much Oh, and at the end of the day To whatever extent that you hate yourself, it isn't enough And we can no longer afford Waiting for someone to lift this terrible swift sword In our basements, we all look so bored We've never seen the glory of the coming of the Lord There will be parties, there will be fun There'll be tall gallows for everyone And we will all be sleeping easy upon the sinking of the sun But there's only one dream that I keep close and it's the one of my hand at your throat I will not deny my humanity I'll be rolling in it like a pig in feces 'Cause there's no other integrity In awaiting the demise of our species May you endure every indignity knowing all the while that life will go on And when it ends, may you have nothing to say, except that it took too long And may I be there somehow Asking, "Where are all your friends now?"