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Step Aside (Mann Tamela)

Hold on don't give up Don't you worry you don't have to cry God sees, He sees what you're going through God is willing and He's able This didn't catch Him by surprise So if you would trust Him and just step, step aside And be still; don't question it For these obstacles they were allowed And know he wants to take you Take you higher, higher you just hold on... And know my God is willing; and he's able This didn't catch Him by surprise So if we would trust Him and just step, step, step aside Ohh! He is faithful. My God is faithful to do what He said He would do And if He said it I believe it There is nothing He can't do If you stand on His Word Cast your cares on Him For He knows and He loves you He did it for me and I thank Him If you would step, oh if you step aside And get out of his way My God will work in your behalf; yes, he will If you step, step My God will do exceedingly and abundantly of everything you can ask. If you step... oh, if you step aside and lean not to your own understanding My God will work, he'll work in your behalf If you get out of his way And lean on Jesus Just cast all your cares on him My God will, he'll work it out; yes, he will If you get out of his way and lean on him If you make one step, God will make two There is no secret what he can do If you step, step, step, ohhhh... ohhh, woo If you watch God Work You can't fix it on your own You're not strong enough If you lean on Jesus Trust Jesus, You tried everything else, you tried everything, everything else Try Jesus, try Jesus, try Jesus, try Him And step, step, step... Step Aside.