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The Master Plan (Mann Tamela)

You may be wondering What's gonna happen How you gonna fix it? With nowhere to turn With the weight So much weight on your shoulders And it seems nobody cares Oh, hold on God's got the answer, yes He does To those questions you don't understand You don't have to worry God's got, yeah, He has the master plan Yes He does, oh The father knows, what's best for you, yes He does God always knows how to provide for you He always, always see you through, yes He has Hold on to what He's promised you Hold on, God's got the answer Oh, oh, to those questions, to those questions My God, you don't understand, hold on Hold on my brother, hold on my sister Yes my God, He's got, He's got the master plan Yes He does Whatever it is, God's got it You've been searching, He has it right there My God has everything you need I dare you to try him I dare you to reach out for him He's knocking, He's knocking He wants to come in, He's on the outside He has the answer, the master plan My God has, He has it, He has the master plan Yes, yes He does, hallelujah, He has the master plan