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Different Groove (Hood Adam)

I sat on the front porch Guitar in my hand Playing the same chords Over and over again I wasted my morning And half my afternoon But by the of the day, I?m going to find a different groove I've got a good friend And lord he can play And lately I?ve been wonderin How does he do it this way The boys got a rhythm I?ll follow it soon Gonna put my soul into music And find a different groove And I?ve been around Everywhere under the sun Only to find out Somewhere, somehow it?s all been done But I?ve made up my mind Startin today Yes I?m goind to Find a style That makes me smile And play it my way I?m done with the two-step I can find a beat I can?t make it swing On account of my two left feet I?ve got to keep moving Shuffling my shoes Gonna put my soul into music, And find a different groove Yes I?m going to get a little rhythm, And find a different groove Yeah yeah yeah