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Murder Style (The Lords Of The New Church)

Hot love and cold steel/Struttin' like Pink Panther Ain't got no plans/I ain't a boy and I ain't no man Hanging on the corner/Just waiting for some action There's cops in squad cars/Looking at me like I'm Bily The Kid Chorus Live for the nightime Sleeping all day Nightime is the right time Murder style...its the way I talk/walk Leather and black lace/Boys all wearing make-up If looks could kill/It gives the girls such a thrill Spiked heels on cold stone/Footsteps echo in the darkness I wanna-I wanna-I wanna-/I want it right now Chorus The Lipstick killers of London Town The street-beat cool of New York City The cat walks in Gay Paree' Struttin'through towns without pity Nighstalkers/We are the streetwalkers Just you and me/A menace to society We're lady killers/I'm a hard core thriller I whisper "I loves ya"/The words are empty as her stolen purse Chorus ..I gotta' get outta' this place I got murder style with feline grace