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Pretty Baby Scream (The Lords Of The New Church)

A pretty angel flew close to the ground Angel crashed and was never found Singed her wings on the neon lights A deadly love affair with the night Chorus Pretty baby scream, sing me a lullaby Little halloween girl in a halloween world Pretty baby scream, sing me a lullaby You let fantasy become reality-Pretty baby scream Went to the movies I seen your scene Took off your clothes you acted obscene You felt the needle you felt the prick You broke your mirrors cause they made you sick Chorus Rock-a-bye baby, reached for the top When the mind blows you're in for a shock When the bank breaks, the bottom will fall And down will come baby, on anyone at all Trick or treat, won't you let me in? Tonight we swoon the eternal sin Unlock the windows let me visit your bed We're riding on electra-glide in red