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The Method To My Madness (The Lords Of The New Church)

(Bator/James) I'm the picture of health I'm called the evil one We start a new religion Now the fun's begun Got the sex-beat from the Thunder T's Got voodo from our stars We got a deadly weapon We call it Bri's guitar Chorus There's a method to my madness It's something only time will tell There's a method to my madness Look inside my hell When we got a message They try and stop our song Subliminal suggestions You learned to play along Once I lit a cigarette They threw me in a cell I think the hotel's burning I hear those siren's yell Chorus Said we should be nice boys Like all those other wimps I talk about conspiricies Then you crack the whip "Well boy, you better shut your mouth You can't afford to bail Now don't go telling secrets This record's got to sell" Chorus to fade