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The Seducer (The Lords Of The New Church)

Seducer... I heard the devil curse/I recognized my name Immaculate deception/I prophesyed my fame Seducer... My slight-of-hand genius/you fell under the spell My scientific knowledge/you called them miracles I'm the Seducer All the kings and kingdoms/from beggars to the Czars Believed me when I told you that/I rose into the stars I ran and his in Dead Seas/my wife and son set sail I'm the blood of the Merovingians/houses the Holy Grail Your excellencies please follow me/seize the reigns of government I got the power of the Priory/I got the skull called Baphomet I come down from the Rosy Cross/oh hallowed be my name I heard the Pope proclaim/I'm the One-the Same I'm the Anti.../guess my name I'm the Seducer Just a Magician/called Religion/your religion Seducer...