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When Blood Runs Cold (The Lords Of The New Church)

Chorus You got the passion of an empty mansion Don't feel no fire when the blood runs cold There ain't no hurtin' like two hearts uncertain Ya' can't feel hot when the blood runs cold When a love's gambe and turns to shambles Can't mend the pieces when you fall apart Can't make decisions with mixed suspicions My coquette cutie with a chameleon heart You tried to change me, to disarrange me You lost that attitude you act so old Too much drinking from too much thinking Ya' can't feel hot when the blood runs cold I'm on a junk food diet, I got caught in a riot My friends all tell me I'm a total mess You changed our palace to a scene from "Dallas" I'm at the party but I'm not a guest When the blood runs cold You, a real cruel kind of love for me You, your real strange way of holding me Now, there's nothing in this left for me Chorus to fade