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Miasmic (Blood Has Been Shed)

For the birth shallow and inferior thoughts and actions descendants of Adam's curse destiny plays its hand sowing the seeds of baal incubus ever deaf to the judgment seventy years of self indulgence the soul mourns the lust of the flesh consumes the eyes gateway of the beast the pride of life ascension of the body the beloved has fallen to the wayside brush aside sacrifice of life gorge on the blackness slacking the thirst on the innocent swallow and laugh it hastens the apocalypse moments pass considering the torn veil the heart lies the tongue deceives man brandishes the weapon thorn in the side of salvation with aggression desecration fills the air there will be a reckoning all is well the soul of man is at ease peace for a day a thousand years running to the water time stands still burn a chill follows the blood runs cold wrath fall and confess murderer deceiver you will die whoremonger you will die man of perdition you will die for all these things you will die.Other Blood Has Been Shed songs