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Hell Hole (Spinal Tap)

The window's dirty, the mattress stinks This ain't no place to be a man I ain't got no future, I ain't got no past And I don't think I ever can The floor is filthy, the walls are thin The wind is howling in my face The rats are peeling, I'm losing ground Can't seem to join the human race Yeah, I'm living in a hell hole Don't want to stay in this hell hole Don't want to die in this hell hole Girl, get me out of this hell hole I rode a jet stream, I hit the top I'm eating steak and lobster tails The sauna's drafty, the pools too hot The kitchen stinks of boiling snails The taxman's coming, the butler quit This ain't a way to be a man I'm going back to where I started I'm flashing back into my pan It's better in a hell hole You know where you stand in a hell hole Folks lend a hand in a hell hole Girl get me back to my hell hole