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Just Begin Again (Spinal Tap)

When the game has just been lost. When the race has all been run. When the storm has left your ship well-tossed... Ignore the coast. Get your stars uncrossed. Back at Square One. Just begin again. You can always find a way. Just begin again. No matter what they say. Life is just a wheel, if it's even real, You can rest another day. Life is just a meal, and you never say when Just begin again People say enough is enough. People say you can't undo what's done. People say the road is just too rough. What do they know? Life's just a show. Go re-load your gun. Just begin again. Make the bastards eat their words. Just begin again. Like bumblebees and hummingbirds. Life is just a dream, an unconscious stream, A picture worth five hundred words. Rise! for you are cream. And you can have the strength of ten. Don't hope to win. Losing's not a sin. Just dig in... And Just begin again.