Tied Fates (Arkan)

Anu made his voice heard I shall not rise to see them Impossible to go down Let my messenger come Ascending the long stairway to heaven Respectfully stand for greetings Duty-bound to kneel down All stand except him Pretending not to realize Summoned to be punished Make amends for your insult A throne of chair as an offering Pretending Not to realize Summoned To be punished She comes to me through falling stars An endless ray of light Piercing the skies and diving deep into my heart Die! Impotent Do you feel my disgust? I state my threat Tears will flow down your cheeks Die! Impotent Do you feel my hatred? The dead rise up They will eat the living Deprived of light Where dust is food, clay is bread Kissing the ground in front of me I sit down on his throne He catches a glimpse of my body And couldn't resist temptation Cowardly, he leaves me asleep And return to the Heights Above He wipes away the goddess' tears For being such an emotional coward Remain forever in the Land of No Return To rule over it with me beside you