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Blackness Devours (October Tide)

I awake by cold shivers Apprehend voices, but not the ones in my head I try to ignore and turn back I shut down, gain sanity Forcing my breathing to become slower Forcing my pulse to beat lower Suffocating scream behind walls Pleading the past to let go I find myself awake again, I am starring at the sealing Is this all inside Are the suffering screams meant for me, to silence Fumbling for the light in despair I'm searching with my eyes for no reason I'm stumbling in the darkness I fall to the floor Back on my feet again Wrapped up in my indecision The Darkness lingers upon me Blackness devours fast It drives me further across the floor Then a sudden scream shuts the door behind A monolith of a roar summoning it's daemons Turning around for an answer Is this all inside of me No way to avoid this collapse I dare not stay, so I reach for the switch Then a sudden scream shuts the door behind Summoning of daemons