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Denials (Custard)

Running down an empty road, you´re the guiding light Which takes all my fears, but I should have known That truth disappears, as your words became black Dust in the streets ...and I hear another lie. With shining eyes and hands of a friend, you promised me joy And heaven on earth, but I should have known That it wouldn´t last, you pulled my heart out of my chest ...and I hear another lie - empty words are passing by You sealed my fate. I curse you with my endless hate It´s all in vain Your false smile awakes my pain. No more denials!!! I´ve seen you without your masquerade. I call you a liar. My trust in you will never be the same. You used to be the meaning of life, you gave me a reason To keep dreams alive, but my future failed The moment I tried to live my own life with your plans by my side You sealed.. No more... You play your game and I am your toy, but don´t forget bitch I ´a man not a boy, you made the rules But I am the ace, you cannot win, ´cause I know your real face You sealed... No more...